Sand Blast Wash Elastic Straight Leg Jeans Women

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Wearing a pair of high-waisted and elasticstraightleg jeans not only makes you look tall, but also brings you a feeling of unrestricted as it increases the your legs’range of motion.

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● The hand brush enzyme stone washing makes the fabric present a fashionable gray and nostalgic effect. Hand-brushing is one of the important processes of this jeans.

● Before the finished product is washed, each single piece of hand treatment is carried out to make a SAND BLAST AT THIGH & BACK POCKET partial appear partially white,which results in the whole pair of jeans look not dull.

● The hand-wiped cat whiskers, cylinder wrinkling and monkey wash on end of the thighs make the fabric feel more stereoscopic.

● The SAND BLAST washing, whiskers on the thighs, and corners of the back pockets grinding to add the feeling of nostalgia. With its casual and youthful permeability, the high-waisted and high-elasticjeansalways show a sense of freedom and casualness.



This fabric is dyed with environment-friendly dyes, which has no side effects on human body. After special washing and particular processes, the wearing effect is classic and nostalgic.

The complex washing processes before the fabric being a pants includes:

1. Fabric test: Shrinkage testing of washing is required before production to make sure the size to be more stable.

2. Garment washing: Formaldehyde-free fixing agent is used. This agent is free of free formaldehyde and bound formaldehyde which can significantly improve soaping, washing, perspiration, friction, ironing, and sun fastness. Moreover, anti-yellowing agent and softener is added to feel more comfortable when wearing and more natural and cleaner visually.


1.What types of clothing do you OEM?
What types of clothing do you OEM? Since 2011, we mainly OEM Woven, denim, leisure series, covering all jeans (skinny, hight waisted, boyfriend jeans, flared, bootcut jeans, cargo wide leg, plus size woman's and shorts),  denim jacket, denim jumpsuit etc. We also have strong cost control ability.

2. What are your prices?
Our prices are subject to change depending on supply and other market factors. We will send you an updated price list after your company contact us for further information.

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